Topics and Submissions

The AI hackathon is open to any topic, with some useful topics for your considerations:

1. Design Requirements and Compliance Checks
  • Use of AI/Large Language Model (LLM) such as ChatGPT/Bard Gemini AI to compare project requirements with regulatory standards and identify non-compliance issues, flagging any discrepancies for human review.
2. Design Creation
  • Use of Generative AI to automate design options and architectural visualisation, e.g.,
    • generating a range of choices and recommending best design options based on user-defined project parameters.
    • detailed and accurate visual representation of designs through real-time sketch inputs
  • Use of  LLM to generate codes that automate design options, by providing a range of viable options based on specified criteria such as size, efficiency, unit-mix, etc.

    3.Data-Driven Sustainability and Buildability
    • Based on project design requirements alongside AI to automate Green Mark and Buildability Scores, taking into account factors like energy efficiency and material use.
    4. Performance Analysis and Optimisation
    • Using AI software for more accurate cost estimation by allowing AI to learn from past similar projects and provide more precise estimates for new projects, thus keeping all stakeholders updated to ensure efficient coordination.
    5. Design Collaboration and Coordination
    • Using AI with a data management platform for data and information linkage, indexing and tracking. 
    6. Design and Tender Documentation
    • Use of AI for Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) planning optimisation, maximizing modular building components and reducing coordination time and construction costs.
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