The ground-up AI Hackathon aims to upskill young architects in AI and data-driven technology, fostering innovation and community collaboration through a hybrid series of workshops and events.

Theme: Collaborate and Innovate: A Learning Journey for Innovations and Creativity
Topic: Open Topic [e.g. Creation, Automation, Interoperability, Analysis, Compliances, Documentation]

Objectives: The programme aims to upskill young architects and practitioners in AI and data-driven technology use through a collaborative, ground-up approach. It seeks to develop practical solutions that automate tasks, streamline processes, and enhance productivity by engaging with open AI, large language models like ChatGPT and Bard Gemini AI, digital tools, and innovative methods.

Target Outcomes: Collaboratively learn, develop, and share task-based scripts and applications to create practical and innovative solutions within the community of practice (CoP). This approach will foster collective initiatives and collaborative, scalable outcomes, enabling participants to learn and build simultaneously. All sessions, to be recorded and shared within CoP, and for a set of guidelines to deploy AI.

Expectations: Knowledge, along with generic scripts, apps, PPT slides, and short video clips developed during the programme, should be shared within the CoP. All data and details should be anonymised, and the ownership of created content should remain with its creators. Participants will be grouped by their interests.

Target Participants:
young \ young at heart architects (QP) & practitioners (non-QP with Archi Background) on a personal level, with open mindset.